In order to enhance your students experience at SAM we have developed a department to manage your needs. The following services are available to you:

  1. University Student Support Liaison (USSL): has been allocated and given the responsibility for all communication between our students and administration. The USSL will be able to receive all queried regarding mitigating circumstances, change of pathway, booking of pastoral care and all other queries pertaining to your programme of study. USSL will also be able to direct you for any area outside its portfolio.

  2. Academic Pastoral Care: We are pleased to inform you of our continued commitment to our students. If students are attending classes and have problems understanding areas of the syllabus you can access our Academic Pastoral Care. Please inform your USSL about your problem area and we can assign a tutor to help you.

  3. Non Academic Pastoral Care: is for all students at SAM North & South Campus - full-time, part-time, undergraduate, postgraduate, and all ages. This service is free. You can talk in confidence to a professional counsellor about personal and study-related issues that are worrying you. These might range from minor concerns to major problems.You may find it helpful to talk to someone who is not known to you personally. Don't agonise about whether your problem is serious enough to bring. You do not need to be in crisis to come.

  4. IT Support Services: Having problems logging on to SAMS network or need help with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint contact USSL.

  5. Job Database: Need a job contact

  6. Quality Assurance: If you are having problems accessing services, problems with administration, faculty, or facilities please contact

Welcome to SAM Student Support Services